High Efficiently Membrane Diffuser


Product ID: DISC diffuser

Film-type Diffuser. Simple in construction, tough and durable.

When squeezing the air, the sophisticated I-shape hole on the film will generate well-uniformed 1~3mm air bubbles to achieve high-efficient oxygen conveying. Once stopping the air pressure, the double-blocking design will force the flexible film to shrink to enclose the I-shape hole and pipe hole to prevent water from entering the Diffuser and the pipeline system.

Periodic maintenance is not required for the Diffuser. When the Diffuser swells, the attached sediments will be expelled to achieve the self-cleaning function and it is suitable for SBR device and automatic DO control.

The Diffuser is applicable for ordinary waste water treatment, which is corrosion resistant as it is made of reinforced glass fiber. With a specially designed uneven edge, the film can be covered on the panel in case of elasticity fatigue over time. The film is made of EPDM, which can resist chemical erosion and aging in extending the service life.

Place of dealing with waste water
Active the clean water
Promote the oxygan in lake and river



  • Connection Method: PT 3/4'' thread
  • Installation Method: Same as above

Specification Table:

Model No. Outside Diameter
Flow Range
Disc-200 8'' 20 ~ 100
Disc-250 10'' 20 ~ 150
Disc-300 12.5'' 20 ~ 260

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